CM-1050 Bill Changer Coin/Token Vending Machine
Brand New - 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty - Factory Direct - Accepts $1 & $5 Bills
CM-1050 Bill Changer - Bill To Coin Vending Machine
The CM-1050 bill changer boasts style and reliability, all at a very affordable price. This sleek, attractive changer sports a capacity of $120 in change, and flawlessly converts $1 and $5 bills into your choice of either all quarters OR a mixture of quarters, dimes and nickels. Boost sales at your vending location by offering your customer's the convenience of using bills!
  • 1 Year Factory Warranty.
  • Accepts Both New & Old Style Bills. ($1's and $5's)
  • Quickly Mounts To A Wall, Vending Machine Or Countertop.
  • Changes Bills Into Your Choice Of Multiple Coin Combinations.
  • Slide-Out Mechanism For Easy & Convenient Tube Loading.
  • Coin Cup For Added Customer Convenience & Satisfaction.
  • Flashing Light Lets Customers Know When Machine Is Out Of Change.
Model #:
Bills Accepted:
Change Capacity:
Seaga CM-1050.
$1 and $5 Bills. (accepts new & old style bills)
$120 Change Capacity. (up to 480 coins/tokens)
Quarters Or A Mixture Of Quarters, Dimes & Nickels.
19.5" H x 7" W x 11.25" D - 25 lbs.

Coin Tube Tray Slides Out
For Quick & Convenient Loading.
CM-1050 Bill Changer - Bill To Coin Vending Machine Inside View
Convenient Pre-Drilled Holes
Make Mounting A Breeze.
BV-155 Soda Machine & CA-9 Snack Machine Combo w/ CM-1050 Bill Changer